Emiliana Torrini

Emiliana Torrini

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Besides the exploration of a new operatic expression in the chamber opera, our repertoire is focused on the contemporary opera and its influence on the modern art. Discover the best performers and plays.

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Besides the exploration of a new operatic expression in the chamber opera, our repertoire is focused on the contemporary opera and its influence on the modern art. Discover the best performers and plays.

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Besides the exploration of a new operatic expression in the chamber opera, our repertoire is focused on the contemporary opera and its influence on the modern art. Discover the best performers and plays.

Miss Flower

Emiliana Torrini’s brand new album, Miss Flower, is out. Alongside the album announcement is the first single and video ‘Let’s Keep Dancing.’ Returning to an illustrious career, spanning chart-topping hits like ‘Sunny Road’ and ‘Jungle Drum’ from acclaimed albums such as Fisherman’s Woman, Me And Armini and Tookah + iconic film soundtracks like The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Emilíana has earned a Grammy nomination, Ivor Novello an Icelandic music awards with her versatile style blending folk, pop, and electronic influences, leaving an indelible mark on a generation. Now, as she prepares to unveil her latest work, Miss Flower, Torrini’s inimitable vocals and innovative compositions promise to captivate audiences anew.

Inspired by a box of letters written to her friend Zoe’s mother – Geraldine Flower, Emiliana Torrini embarks on a deeply personal journey with her latest album, Miss Flower. Delving into a wealth of letters, journals, and photographs, Emilíana, Zoe and longtime collaborator and producer Simon Byrt, uncovered a treasure trove of stories revealing an enchanting free-spirit who defied societal norms. In Emilíana’s own words ; “Miss Flower lived adventurously and, on her terms, she led with something other than marriage and convention, a fearless loyalty to her truth. She had nine proposals and never married. Men were obsessed with her, and some letters are of that heartbreak, some of great lust, some reference espionage, and secret meetings and others are very humorous. For me as a lyric writer I was in heaven. Zoe gave me so much artistic licence and her own stories of her mum wove nicely in with the letters”. 
All these stories sparked Torrini’s creative vision, breathing life into the captivating narrative woven throughout Miss Flower. This album not only pays homage to Geraldine Flower’s legacy but also explores wider themes of freedom, adventure, love, and self-discovery, inviting listeners to join Torrini on a poignant exploration of identity and empowerment.

With a summer of live dates on the horizon, fans are invited to join the journey as the intricate tapestry of Miss Flower is unveiled:
13th Jul: Bratislava, Pohoda Festival
14th Jul: Szolnok (HU), Reptar Szolnoki Aircraft Museum
20th Jul: Ostrava (CZ), Colours of Ostrava, Dolni Vitkovice
25th Jul: Karlsruhe (DE), Zeltival 2024
27th Jul: Dortmund (DE), Juicy Beats Festival
28th Jul: Eltville am Rhein (DE), Heimspiel Knypausen Festival
28th Sep: Reggio Emilia (IT), Teatro Valli
29th Sept: Milan (IT) Alcatraz B
02nd Oct: Geneva (CH), Usine PTR
03rd Oct: Winterthur (CH), Salzhaus
05th Oct: Stuttgart (DE), Liederhalle Mozartsaal
06th Oct: Cologne (DE), Gloria
07th Oct: Leipzig (DE), UT Connewitz
08th Oct: Hamburg (DE), Kampnagel
10th Oct: Copenhagen (DK), Bremen Teater
12th Oct: Fredericia (DK), Tøjhuset
14th Oct: Utrecht (NL), Tivoli
15th Oct: Antwerp (BE), De Roma
16th Oct: Tourcoing (FR), Le Grand Mix
17th Oct: Paris (FR), Alhambra
20th Oct: London (UK), Earth Theatre
22nd Oct: Vienna (AT), Theatre Akzent
24th Oct: Berlin (DE), RBB Sendesaal
25th Oct: Prague (CZ), Palace Akroopolis
26th Oct: Bratislava (SK), Majestic Music Club (MMC)

Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra

The Icelandic singer with the voice coming from afterworld, best known for her 2009 single “Jungle Drum”, 1999 album “Love in the Time of Science” and for performing “Gollum’s Song” for Peter Jackson’s film “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”.

She has presently toured with no less than Moby, Sting, Dido, Travis, Tricky and Kylie Minogue.

There’s something almost magical about a great collaboration. When two artists are able to synchronize on an infinitesimal level, where each note and breath and strum aligns to create a perfect whole. The Colorist Orchestra know how to do this —in fact, they’ve made it their speciality. Since 2013, the Belgian duo (comprised of multi-instrumentalists and longtime friends Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans) have made a career out of reimagining the discographies of a wide array of artists, using their background in pop, electronic, and world music to transform the songs. Recently, they have reconnected with acclaimed Icelandic singer-songwriter Emilina Torrini, with whom they first collaborated in 2018 on the album The Colorist Orchestra & Emiliana Torrini. This time, however, their project exceeded even their own expectations. In 2023 The Colorist Orchestra and Emiliana will release Racing the Storm, a joint record that takes both artists to towering new heights. An album of all original material, it melds TCO’s classical chamber pop roots with the power and fragility of Emiliana’s understated songwriting.
Picture this: a big storm is brewing overhead. You’re careening through the backroads of rural Iceland, trying desperately to catch your flight out of Reykjavik as the skies darken behind you. You’ve just had one of the best songwriting sessions of your life, in a farmhouse deep in the Icelandic countryside, but none of that matters now. You’ve found yourself in a race against time to get all your work to the next studio and continue working on your album—one that just might turn out to be one of the most important of your entire career. This exact scenario is what befell Belgian duo The Colorist Orchestra and Icelandic-Italian singer-songwriter Emiliana Torrini during one of the many recording sessions for their collaborative album – and the experience was so emblematic of the entire awe-inspiring, chaotic, life-affirming process, that they ended up naming the record “Racing the Storm”.

The Colorist Orchestra knows a thing or two about controlled chaos. Since their inception in 2013, close friends and multi-instrumentalists Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans have taken on the task of reinterpreting other artists’ discographies with their unique blend of pop, electronic and world music. In 2015, they entered into a collaboration with Emiliana, who at that time was already well into her own illustrious career, having released six studio albums, as well as the international hit “Jungle Drum”.
At the end of the day, what comes across the most with “Racing the Storm” is the strong bond between them. While coming from somewhat different backgrounds—Emiliana found chart-topping success while being classically trained in opera; Kobe was raised in the Belgian countryside before taking his world and classical schooling to Cuba to perfect his percussion skills’; Aarich is a tried-and-true autodidact drummer—it’s as if the three of them (along with mixer and producer Jo Fracken, who expertly directs “Racing the Storm” into the exhilarating album it is) have found a special common space where the rules of the outside world simply don’t apply. “There are no rules,” says Kobe, smiling. “Emiliana always says that this is a story that started way before we met each other, and that the push and pull between our different backgrounds and personalities is what makes this collaboration so special.”

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