Enrico Pieranunzi

Enrico Pieranunzi

Unlimited – Piano Solo

Pieranunzi in piano solo is a musical adventure to be followed note after note. You go from a Gershwin song to Scarlatti, from a blues to your own song that tells a story of its own.
His music, it has been written, “gives voice to the desire to overcome the interpretative boundary” and he “takes the liberty of interpreting himself”. Class, elegance, imagination are the ingredients of a sound experience that manages to capture fans and not fans of any musical genre.
An intense and very personal musical world that of Pieranunzi, who for some time has rightly earned appreciation and reputation all over the world.

Enrico Pieranunzi Trio



Federico Fellini (1920 – 1993) left us cinematographic masterpieces such as I vitelloni, La Strada, La Dolce Vita and many others, whose soundtracks are now distant in time and in memory. By making the album FelliniJazz for Camjazz in 2003, Enrico Pieranunzi gave new light to the splendid music composed by Nino Rota for those films.
In 2013, to commemorate the brilliant Rimini director twenty years after his death, FelliniJazz, hailed as an extraordinary event at the time, will be reprinted by Camjazz on double vinyl. To the delight of fans of those films and Pieranunzi’s fans, the publication will be embellished with some “tracks” for solo piano, which the Italian pianist recorded specifically for the occasion.
The songs featured in Fellinijazz will be offered to the public by the Italian trio of Pieranunzi, including Luca Bulgarelli on double bass and Mauro Beggio on drums.
Program: I vitelloni (Rota) – Il bidone (Rota) – La città delle donne (Bacalov) – Amarcord (Rota) – Cabiria’s Dream (Pieranunzi) – La dolce vita (Rota) – La strada (Rota) – Le notti di Cabiria (Rota) – Fellini’s Waltz (Pieranunzi)

My Songbook

Simona Severini

Enrico Pieranunzi, piano
Simona Severini, vocals
Luca Bulgarelli, double bass
Nicola Angelucci, drums

“My songbook “ is the new artistic adventure of one of the most eclectic musicians in the contemporary musical universe. Able to range from extraordinary jazz performances to original contaminations between classical and jazz, Enrico Pieranunzi proposes himself here in the surprising new role of songwriter, showing a less known but equally exciting side of his artistic activity. The story of “My songbook” also contains many stories. For example, that of Pieranunzi’s exceptional artistic experience alongside Chet Baker, which gave rise to “Soft journey” and “Fairy flowers”, his first instrumental pieces on which a text was placed.
Or that of his passionate and exciting relationship with poetry, well represented by “Reasons why” and “Premier moment”, which he set to music respectively on an English text by Langston Hughes and on a French text by the great poet Jacqueline Risset. But the most important story in “My songbook” is certainly the meeting between lesongs with words by Pieranunzi and the voice of the super talented young Simona Severini. A collaboration of rare empathy that, started in 2012 on the occasion of the recording tribute to Lucio Dalla, then developed through concerts in Italy and France, to reach its splendid crowning with “My songbook”. Thanks also to the presence of a group of young musicians among the most representative of the best Italian jazz, such as Luca Bulgarelli on double bass and Nicola Angelucci on drums, “My songbook” is proposed as a sound journey of great intensity, a succession of songs at sign of elegance and a refined narrative taste. Songs to savor one by one, note by note, word by word.

My Songbook was released in October 2015 for Jando Records label.

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Blues, baroque and much more, an eclectic activity in which pianism, composition and arrangement are inextricably intertwined and which has often seen him involved also as author in film and theater music. This is the boundless musical world of Enrico Pieranunzi, one of the most versatile musicians on the European music scene, in whose very particular jazz and classical sound adventure coexist side by side from the start. Thus we find in his very rich discography (more than 80 cds) prestigious collaborations with jazz luminaries such as Chet Baker, Paul Motian, Charlie Haden, Marc Johnson and Joey Baron, but also a duo cd with Bruno Canino (Americas) and works focused on Scarlatti, Bach, Handel, Martinu, Gershwin (the latter in a trio with his brother Gabriele on the violin and with Ganriele Mirabassi on the clarinet).
He is the only Italian musician to have played and recorded several times in his name in the historic ``Village Vanguard`` in New York and, among the numerous national and international awards for his musical activity, the French ``Django d'Or`` ( 1997) as best European musician, the 2014 Echo Award in Germany as “Best International Piano Player” and the “A life for jazz” award awarded to him in the same year by the Musica Jazz magazine.
Several of his compositions have become real standards played and recorded by musicians from all over the world and have been published in the prestigious US ``New Real Book``. These include ``Night Bird``, ``Don't forget the poet``, ``Les Amants``, ``Fellini's Waltz``, ``Je ne sais quoi``, ``Trasnoche``, ``Coralie``.
His original musical language has been the subject of numerous degree or doctoral theses, in Italy and abroad. It has been written about him: ``Enrico Pieranunzi introduces new life into contemporary jazz`` (Ray Spencer, Jazz Journal)
``The most lyrical and imaginative of today's pianists`` (All about jazz)
``Among the best pianists in the world`` (The Wall Street Journal)