Simone Cristicchi

Simone Cristicchi

Simone Cristicchi
“Lo chiederemo agli alberi”
Tour Live Concerti 2023

Riccardo Ciaramellari: Piano/Keyboards/Accordion
Riccardo Corso: Guitar
Giuseppe Tortora: Cello


What’s in the suitcase of a “Cantattore”?
From the debut in 2005 with the catchphrase “Vorrei cantare come Biagio” to the consecration of 2007 with the victory of the Sanremo Festival with the intense “Ti regalerò una rosa” up to “Abbi cura di me”, from the great success of the civil musical “Magazzino 18” to that of the recent “Paradiso – Dalle tenebre alla luce”, there is a story that not everyone knows.

A story spanning more than fifteen years between the standing ovations received at the Sanremo Festival and the repeated theatrical and musical sold outs, from critics’ awards to exhibitions of his drawings, from civil theater to docu films, from books to popular music, meeting on his way extraordinary people.
Simone Cristicchi lays bare singing and telling himself to the public, retracing the stages of his continuous artistic evolution in a surprising and exciting journey.

Cristicchi’s repertoire, in an acoustic guise, starting from the song that gives the title to this unique concert.

Lo chiederemo agli alberi: a song dedicated to the great book of Nature, whose pages seem indecipherable, but which, to an attentive and curious eye, reveal lessons of eternal wisdom every day. The tree stands still, planted in the Earth, its roots in the dark, it resists storms, the passing of the different seasons of life. The lark teaches humility, that of a bird that sings from the first light of dawn with a heart full of joy, even though it feeds on a few crumbs. Maybe we should live like this, to feel “part of a bigger picture than reality”